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How the Silent Auctions Works.

Realized prices will be published 3-4 days after the close of the auction.

Successful bidders will be contacted you do not need to phone

Please be aware that all lots within the Silent Auction are subject to a 10% Buyers Premium.

Viewing will be 11am-4pm in the Cullen Antiques Centre, Seafield Street, Cullen from Thursday 6th of September to Saturday 8th of September.

You are welcome to come and view the lots or this can be done online.

If you are interested in any of the lots you leave a bid on the bid sheets and place the sheet inside a sealed tamper proof envelope. The envelope is then placed inside the Bidding Box. The auction house has no access to the sealed bids within the bidding box until the morning of Monday the 10th of September

You only bid what you want to bid.

Imagine you are buying a house from the Estate Agents, you place your bid and if you are successful you pay the amount that you offered. The potential buyer does not have to concern themselves with what other individuals are bidding. If for instance you think that you like an item and think it is worth £200 but you imagine that your rival bidders may only bid £160 then reduce your bid to £170 thus minimizing your potential outlay. A new concept but a very fair one for the buyer.

If you are successful with your bid you will be informed within 72 hours of the end of the auction.

If for whatever reason you cannot attend the Centre to leave a bid then you can do this remotely by e-mail. For added security e-mail bids can be left until midnight on Saturday 8th of September. You can set up your e-mail settings so you do not send your bid(s) until this time.

E-mail bids will be accepted up until Midnight on Saturday the 8th of September

Please note that if you ask for a condition report remotely that this is the honest opinion of the auction house, and your opinion of an item may differ. It is in your interest to ask pertinent questions about an item.

If you are physically at the viewings you should take care to decide the condition of an item for yourself as items are sold as seen.

Advantages of the Silent Auction.

Lower costs for the seller only 10%

You only pay what you want to pay you cannot get carried away by auction fever.

Ideal for the dealer who has a working knowledge of items and knows exactly what he wants to pay and is not worried about what the next the lower bid was.

You do not need to feel that you are competing with anyone else as your bids are secure and in an sealed envelope, and not to be opened until the end of the auction.

Disadvantages of the Silent Auction.

A new concept and may take a little while to get used to.

Perhaps not for the faint hearted, or those with less than a working knowledge of the value of items

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