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Investing in Antiques and Collectables

Who can you trust with your investment?

Well we know that you cannot trust the banks, they have a shocking lack of respect for their customers and at present are paying a pitiful return on money. 

In fact you would be hard pushed to trust any of the so called professional types as they all would appear to have agenda's, charge plenty for their advice and are nowhere to be seen when things go awry.

One could do worse than invest a few hundred or a few thousand in antiques, they represent at present tremendous value for money. It is incredible that you can buy a Georgian Mahogany Tilt Table for £175 when a modern table in a department store may well cost you £600.

The antique televisions shows are often no help to the investor as they are pure theatre and usually do not represent reality

If you invest in antiques then be sure that you have an active interest, first and foremost you should enjoy what you are buying and along the way you may get some pleasant surprises.

We must also note that a new younger generation are appearing on the market place and they may more readily identify with a retro mobile phone than a Royal Doulton Figurine.

From time to time on this page I will give some tips on what you could or might invest in.

You could do worse than invest in this Motorola Brick Mobile Telephone from the 1980s. If you see one in very good condition for less than £50 then grab it- sure to appreciate in value.


another interesting tip to follow shortly

How about a pair of BOAC menus from the 1960's you can buy these for around £2 each at present, they are colourful and fun-sure to appreciate.

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