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This is a large sale with over 1400 lots.

Potential bidders are advised to register for bidding as soon as they arrive at the Sale, whether this be on the Viewing day or on the Actual Sale Day.

No offence is meant to any purchaser, but Banknotes will be checked at the Sale.

Northern Ireland Banknotes above the value of £20 will not be accepted. Scottish £50 and £100 notes will only be accepted with the agreement of the Auction House Owner.

There will be 2 auctioneers operating at the same time.

It may be that there are items you want to bid on that are being sold by the other auctioneer, there will be parties at the auction who will be able to take bids for you on your behalf.

At intervals during the auction there will be rest periods so that buyers can collect their items if they choose too.

The buyer should also appreciate that there may be slight delays at the Paying Desk due to the volume of items.

Please note that the scenarios and times presented below are all approximate it may be different in reality.

Auctioneer 1

Shed 1 (lots 1-395)


Approximately 11am-2.30pm with 30 minutes break for collection.

Auctioneer 1

Outside Lots 1300-1530 approximately 3pm-5pm then 15 minute break.

Auctioneer 2

Shed 2 (lots 395-657).


Approximately 11am-1.30pm with 30 minutes break for collection

Auctioneer 2

Shed 3 (lots 657-934) approximately 2pm-4.30 pm then 30 minutes break.


Main Shed of Tools Lathes etc.

Lots 1000-1220 approximately 5pm-6.30pm.

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