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We give out a lot of free advice on items but of course there is a limit to this. If you care to send us images of items then we will do our utmost to give you a market valuation for these items.

We have over 35 years experience in the Antiques Trade and can give you a pretty fair idea of what your items will achieve at Auction.

If you have that property you have inherited or need cleared then we can help you make the correct judgement call in what to do with items and the best way to market them.

If you call us out to a property we will charge you £30 (there may be travelling costs if the distance is greater than 20 miles of the auction house) for an 1 hour consultation. For this we will give you a verbal valuation on items and suggest to you a plan of action in how to handle the clearance whether their is the need for extra measures such as the hire of skips. We liaise with other auction house's, antique dealers and antique centre's. We can advise whether a solution is vending items to auction or going for at times a quicker Private Treaty Sale. The £30 charge is refundable if you decide to use us for the sale of items for a value of over £500.

All valuations are of what goods are expected to make in a auction scenario.

If you have a need for a full written valuation then we can provide such and the cost for this starts at £100.

If you look at our record of previous sales we feel confident that for the right items we can achieve very good results.

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